Monday, July 26, 2010

Martha Monday--Kids' craft contest

Attention crafters, parents and anyone who could really use an island vacation right about now...

Martha's crafts department is hosting a kids' craft contest, and the grand prize is a four night stay at Beaches Resorts!  Now, a stay at Beaches Resorts would be awesome anytime, but recently they made it even more awesome by partnering with Martha Stewart crafts...I blogged about it not too long ago. 

Martha has a bunch of kids' craft projects on her website, including fun summer projects, holiday crafts and crafts for parties.

Now, my Little Guy and Baby Girl are too young to tackle a serious craft project that could have a shot at winning this contest.  Heck, the Little Guy can't even stay in the lines when coloring. Just last week he colored the kitchen floor, and it was a sloppy coloring job at that. 

But this contest has my wheels turning...maybe I could find a crafty kid to make something for the contest?  Perhaps a local Girl Scout troop would consider this appropriate badge work, and hand over the winning craft to me so I can collect on that Beaches vacation?  Nah, the Girl Scouts are too honest...maybe I could try the Boy Scouts?

Just kidding, Boy Scouts. Don't get your panties in a bunch, mmmmkay?

At any rate, if you know a crafty kid then you should enter this contest on their behalf.  Even if you don't win, you've still managed to keep the child busy for a while on something productive.

Unlike coloring the kitchen floor.

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