Friday, July 23, 2010

I'll need to see your ID

The Big Guy and I are contemplating a tree swap with the neighbors.  They'll take our four maples, and we'll take their...hmmmm...well, I'm not quite sure what these trees are.  Do you know?

Here's specimen number one:

And here's a close-up of the leaves:

In the swap, we'd be getting three of these. I've seen the large versions, and they are really great shade trees which would be perfect for the east side of our house.

Here's specimen number two:

And here's the leaves:

Does anyone know what these are?

I think specimen number one is a honeylocust, and number two has been suggested to be a hickory. 

Do you concur?  Quick--name that movie!

Specimen number two will go in the northwest corner of the backyard, which will hopefully provide a bit of a wind break and some much-needed privacy.

And while we're talking trees, is this going to be a problem?

That's at the base of specimen number two.  Help!

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Anonymous said...

I would hesitate to take tree #2- that trunk does not look healthy. The trees look kind of large to be digging up on your own. If you're planning to swap trees, I'd wait until much later in the year when the trees won't be struggling in the heat. You can call your extension office--they can probably give you more tips. L