Monday, August 2, 2010

Martha Monday--Hello, Martha!

Hello, readers!  I have some news:  she's noticed me.

And by "she," I mean Martha.

Martha Stewart.

THE Martha Stewart. 

Let me back up...back in 2009 (May 1 to be exact) I met Martha at a book signing and slipped her my business card for this blog.  I was a tad worried I'd come across like a crazed fan, but I thought she might enjoy the blog, if only for its comedic value.  So I blogged.  And I kept blogging, all the while hoping that Martha hasn't given my name and number to the local branch of the FBI for monitoring.  (Hello, FBI!)

Then, just a few weeks ago, I got an email from Martha's main PR gal (Hello, Katie!)..."Wanted to reach out and say how much we have been enjoying your blog.  In fact, I was with Martha the day you met her at Macy's..."

Naturally, I peed my pants, screamed for the Big Guy, and fell out of my chair.  Though not necessarily in that order.  After all that, I called both sets of my parents, even though it was too late at night (Hello, moms and dads!) to inform them of this latest development:

Martha Stewart reads my blog.

Or at least her people do (Hello again, Katie and Hello, Sarah!) which is a-ok with me.

So, what comes next?  I'm not sure, but for my part I will continue to strive for perfection knowing full well that I will fall on my face, and report those often-hilarious and sometimes-disastrous results for your amusement.  For example, I have a great story from yesterday...Barley was making a noise like he was going to puke all over the kitchen floor, so I opened up the sliding glass door to get him into the backyard, but I couldn't get the screen door open fast enough, and he ran right through the screen door. Thus destroying the screen. And then he didn't even puke.

See? Isn't that hilarious? Or maybe that falls into the "disaster" category.  Just keeping it real, folks. (Hello, folks!)  And I've got PLENTY more where that came from...

I'll continue to blog about cooking, baking, entertaining, homekeeping, crafting, gardening and all that fun stuff, and throw in the occasional picture of my kids and dog for value-added cuteness.

Thanks to everyone who's been a regular reader from the beginning (Hello, Tom and Laura!) and thanks to all of you who have joined the fun/craziness/cookie-induced-coma over the past 20 months (Hello to all of my 33 followers!).  And a big thanks to my lurkers...I know you're out there and you know who you are.  Hello, lurkers!

And hello, Martha! 

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frugalsuz said...

Woo! How exciting!!