Monday, August 9, 2010

Martha Monday--Crazy for zucchini

Those of you who are lucky and talented enough to have gardens are probably swimming in fresh produce right now.  And for those of you crazy enough to plant zucchini, I bet you are nearly drowning in it. 

To help you get the most of your 57 bushels of zucchini, Martha has 57 zucchini recipes

I got a zucchini the size of a loaf of bread from my neighbor. This thing is a monster, and I'm perusing Martha's suggestions now to find something that looks really yummy.

What are you making with your zucchini?

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Anonymous said...

I found a really good recipe for zucchini-blueberry bread on I make muffins with it that are really good. Also have a good recipe for chocolate zucchini cake which I also make into cupcakes. YUM. I have a ton of zucchini now, and some of it I'll just shred and freeze for later. L