Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Wilton Tent Sale 2011

Yes, it's that time of year again: the annual Wilton tent sale!  The sale opened last Friday and will continue through June 21. If you are in the area and into baking/cake decorating, then you have to attend the sale. 

Note to newbies:  Go as soon as possible, and go at lunchtime if you are going on a weekend, or mid-morning if you attend during a weekday. Bring water to drink (they have some for sale if you forget) and wear comfortable shoes and clothes--it gets really hot in that tent!

I got quite a bit at this year's sale:

I am proud to say I can justify ALL of my baking purchases, even my new tart/quiche pan.  While I've never made a tart, I'm pretty sure it was because I didn't have the proper pan.  And now that I do, I see a lot of tarts in my future!  Tarts galore!  I am especially thrilled with my two non-stick bread pans, which I really needed considering I bake bread almost every week. I've used them already and the bread slid right out.  With these, I see a lot more bread baking in my future as well.

I did make a list before I hit the sale, and I'm happy to report I got everything on it.  Of course, I did get a few things not on my list, like this pearl dust.  Isn't it awesome?  I've always wanted to try this stuff, and now I can!  For the record, everything I bought was half off retail, and that's my minimum for shopping at the sale. 

Note for newbies:  If it's less than half off, don't buy it, as you can do just as well or better with a coupon to Michael's, JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby. 

I did get a little crazy with the cupcake liners.  The Elmo ones are for Little Miss's 2nd birthday next February, and the Spiderman liners are for a yet-to-be-determined birthday for the Little Guy.  I'm trying to hold off on the Spiderman theme for another year, but I bought the liners now as there's no guarantee they will be in next year's tent sale. 

Note to newbies: the merchandise changes from year to year. Sometimes there's more baking stuff, and other times there's lots of scrapbooking materials.  It can be a real toss-up.

Aren't these mini-cupcake liners adorable?  I have no idea what I'm going to use them for, but I'm sure I'll come up with something!

While they didn't have many Martha Stewart Craft items, the Wilton tent sale did feature some great Halloween finds.

The crow and rat silhouettes were only $2.00 each, and the witch window cling was $5.00. Score!

I think she'll go in my living room window this year, right next to the bat and spider silhouettes in the foyer. 

Are you headed to the tent sale?  If so, let me know how it goes!  Happy shopping!


Rebecca said...

Great haul! We are going tomorrow, can't wait!

Michelle said...

I went yesterday and did just about as well as you! I'm going again on Thursday with my friend from college-hoping to get a few more goodies that were sold out yesterday :)

Mary said...

Oh, I drove from Grand Rapids to Madison yesterday and saw this along the highway - I wanted to stop so bad! Is it worth going later in the sale at all, or is it pretty much picked over by then?

Amanda said...

Rebecca--have fun and be sure to bring some bottled water! It will be hot outside and 100x hotter in that tent. Have fun!

Michelle--good luck getting what's left on your list. At least it will be cooler on Thursday!

Mary--the sale is usually picked over by the last few days, but if you have the time you should stop and see what it's like. I still think it's worth a look at the end, and even then you'll still get a good deal. Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

love the halloween stuff! L

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Lovin' the cupcake liners!