Monday, June 13, 2011

Martha Monday--Compost

Martha is a master gardener, and master gardeners are all about compost.  Martha is no exception: her compost piles are so big they have to be turned with front end loaders!  

Compost is great for so many reasons: it's great for your soil and plants, and it also keeps organic matter out of landfills and puts it back into the earth where it belongs.  For these and other reasons, I decided to get a compost bin for my yard.  There are many free online plans (just google "compost bin plans") so you can make your own, or you can just buy a ready-made composters found at a home improvement store or online.

For my purposes, I wanted to have one built.  Specifically, I wanted a three-bin system I found on Martha's website:

Of course, while I have big plans to use it, I don't have the time or know-how to build it, and that's where my brother Freddy comes in:  he can build/fix just about anything.  Thankfully he took on this job, and had a bin built in no time.

After it was built, the Big Guy and I moved it out to the backyard against the fence and that's where it will stay for the next few years.  Here it will be mostly protected from the west winds, but exposed to plenty of elements to encourage decomposition.

In keeping with my plans for an organic garden (or at least as organic as I can make it) the bins were built out of cedar planks as opposed to processed/treated lumber.  Cedar will hold up against the weather for years, and since it is not treated, no chemicals will go from the wood to the compost to the ground in which I'm growing healthy veggies for my family.  Win!

For something that's going to hold manure, leaves, grass clippings, dead plants and fruit/veggie waste, that sure is one attractive bin!  Thanks to Freddy for doing such an amazing job!

I'll have detailed pictures of the building process for you tomorrow.  Happy composting!

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Anonymous said...

wow! that looks amazing! wish your brother lived down here! L