Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Handy Freddy

Martha has people. People who know how to do things.  Skilled people, who know how to build, landscape, garden, plumb, wire and all kinds of other handy things. 

Here at TMI, I'm fortunate to know many handy people, too.  But there's only one I can count on to drive across state lines, stay for days, and literally ask for projects to work on.  It's my Little Big Brother, Freddy.  He stayed with us for a long weekend back in November, and tackled a number of household projects for us. 

Freddy hung curtains.  In several rooms.  He repaired closet doors.  He helped the Big Guy rearrange the living room. 

He repaired the bathroom sink. This particular project took quite a while.  But Freddy stuck with it, and got the job done.

Freddy's most magical quality, however, is his ability to entertain the Little Guy.  The Little Guy is just fascinated with Uncle Freddy. 

You just can't beat that for handy, you know?

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Cassie said...

you're so lucky to have someone handy help you around the house! my hubby is not very handy unfortunetely, so itd hard for us to get things done around our house (as i am not handy myself).

ps. i love your site :)