Monday, March 1, 2010

Martha Monday--How she does it

Way back in December of 2008 when I started this blog, I compared my life to Martha's.  She is a domestic diva, a smart and powerful business woman and just all-around fabulous.  I am a disheveled woman trying to balance work in the city with  family in the suburbs with the hope of one day starting my own business.  In writing, I sadly realized that Martha's actual domestic divatude and my domestic diva aspirations are very far apart.  Even our morning routines are nothing alike!

Fortunately, some smart TMI readers quickly reminded me that Martha has a staff, both at home and in her office, to help her get things done.  Or in many cases, just do them for her.  For example, Martha's farm staff include her housekeeper, landscapers, maintenance guys, stable managers, a farrier (blacksmith--I had to look it up) and more.  I'm betting she has a staff of 15-25 just to manage her farm.  (See evidence of this at her Christmas party)  And that's only one of her houses!  Of course, this doesn't include the daily visits from her trainer, her hair/make-up artist....well, you get the idea.

Naturally, I, along with everyone else on this planet, could get a lot more done each day if I had a staff of my own.  But I don't.  However, I do occasionally have a lot of help and that makes things a lot easier for me.  Once the baby arrives and our family goes from 3+ dog to 4+ dog, you'll be meeting the people who are helping me get by.  For this week though, I'd like to focus on my #1 maintenance guy, my Big Little Brother Freddy.

You met him a few weeks ago when I shared with you the shell of a dresser he turned into a bookcase for us.  This week, I'll share with you some more projects that Freddy did for the TMI household.  Freddy--he's a good thing!

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