Monday, June 27, 2011

Manda Monday--Martha would freak out...

...if she saw my front flower bed, because it was awful. Really, really awful.  It's difficult to tell by the picture because everything is green, but my front flower bed had been overtaken by weeds.  It was a weed party out there, a Weed City even, and my precious flowers were getting choked out.

In the spring, I planted twenty flowers, 50+ bulbs and three pumpkin plants in the new flower garden, located just outside the front door where the bushes used to be.  But you'd never know it because there were just too many weeds obscuring the view of the good stuff.

Like the above bloom, for instance. I had a full Asiatic lily flower in my bed, and until I got in there to do some weeding, I had no idea!  I bet this never happens to Martha Stewart.  I'm betting that her flowers open on command and weeds don't come within a two mile radius of her property.

This is another flower I missed.  The Big Guy's Uncle Dennis knows how much I love native perennials, so this spring he divided a bunch of his echinacea and black-eyed Susan and sent them over. Isn't that sweet?  So far this is the first bloom, but there are several more ready to burst over the next week or two.

I know Martha has an enormous crew dedicated to making her flower beds/house/life look  spectacular, but it's easy for me to forget that sometimes.  Fortunately, I do have good friends, and as I was weeding the flower beds my friend Yogita came by to give me a hand. Thanks, Yogi!

Here's just one of THREE tubs of weeds that I added to the compost bin.  Because I have a very busy summer planned, this may be the only time I tackle the weeding for the next month (or maybe longer), so I'll enjoy the view of my flowers while I can.

Sometimes, in my quest to be just like Martha, this is as good as it gets. 


Tom said...

You should invite Laura up for a weekend stay. Weeding is her favorite activity!

Amanda said...

Laura, and you, are welcome any time! I need to find time to get to P-town without the kids in tow and do some crafty stuff with Laura--she always has the best ideas!

Tom said...

You should see the fabric she just bought. It is totally her, and I think you would enjoy it as well. I asked he what she was going to use it for and she said, "I don't know, but it's going to be awesome."

I can't wait to see what she comes up with!

Amanda said...

Everything Laura comes up with is awesome! We miss you guys! :)