Monday, June 20, 2011

Martha Monday--60 Days of Summer

Tuesday is the official start of summer, and Martha has you covered. 

Take a look at Martha's 60 Days of Summer which covers crafts, recipes, activities, ideas and Good Things.

One suggested activity is to find your perfect summer hobby.  You can take the quiz here.  My result was scrapbooking, and they're absolutely right: my plan for the summer is to get caught up on the kids' photo albums and scrapbooks. 

It's hard to find time for that in the summer, though, when there's just so much fun stuff to do!  Between family gatherings, weddings, graduations, and parties, there's free outdoor concerts, festivals, farm days and flea markets that I'd like to attend this summer. 

Maybe that's why the days are longer, I need the extra time to fit it all in!

Whether you're headed off to a family barbecue or just enjoying the heat, take a look at Martha's 60 Ice Cream Treats.  This rainbow sorbet cake is amazing.

There's also a slideshow of 60 Summer Sides.  These dishes are perfect for taking to a potluck or for dinner with your family.  I'm looking forward to making this beefsteak tomato salad once my tomatoes start coming in.

 Take a look at Martha's ideas, come up with some of your own, and then get busy enjoying summer!


Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

I'm totally with you on the scrapbooking! I have a ton to catch up on, and of course I only got so far as getting it all out, looking through it, and leaving it in a jumble of piles on my ottoman. I still count it as progress though. :P

Amanda said...

I know! Scrapbooking takes so much time and space. At least you're touching the materials...I count that as progress, too. :)