Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Early morning in the backyard

If you read Martha's blog, you know she regularly steps outside her home(s) in the morning to take pictures of the early morning scenes before her.  Now I may be lacking in the perfect gardening/homekeeping/scrapbooking department, but I am a pro at wandering outside my home bra less and in a bathrobe.

Please enjoy these pictures of my backyard, taken by me at 5:30am this morning:

The fog had just about burned off the prairie when I stepped outside.  It's amazing how light it is this early in the morning. 

The tomatoes are doing well, but needed water. The kids helped me water everything before I headed in to work this morning.

The compost bin is doing well. The first bin is 2/3 full, and I'm going to haul in some more manure to help fill the other two bins. 

Below: my apple trees are leafing out.  Next summer I'll add two more dwarf apple trees to my mini-orchard.

The peach trees are doing well, too.

My pear trees are concerning me, though.  Some of the leaves are turning red.  Is this normal? 

Here's a close-up view:

I have several pumpkins planted in the back and front yard, and this one seems to be doing the best.  I'm hoping for a few homegrown pumpkins this year because those are really, really expensive in the store.

I hope you've enjoyed this early morning view of my backyard and vegetable garden.   Next time I'm up this early I'll try to put on appropriate attire and actually do some work in the yard.  It's nice to have goals, don't you agree?


Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

I haven't been by in a while, and I LOVE your garden!! And your compost bins are GLORIOUS! Hehehe seriously, I'm jealous. :)

teryn j. said...

LOVE the first picture, with the fog coming off the grass. Awesome.
Glad you're having so much success in the garden and with the composting. I think I killed my rosemary plant. :P

Amanda said...

Thanks, ladies. I did find a Japanese beetle last night on one of the apple trees, and I am not happy. Though most everything else seems to be doing okay. Good luck with your gardens!