Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A room of one's own

With all this baby talk recently, you might think I've forgotten about the Little Guy.  Not so!  In fact, one of his spaces got an upgrade...

The Little Guy has an area of the breakfast room filled with a child-size table and chairs, and a lot of his art supplies.  The crayon and coloring book clutter was getting out of control, so I decided that in organizing the space, we could make it more of an area just for the Little Guy. 

Here's the "before" picture...

All it took was two simple plastic file holders attached to the wall to clear up the clutter.  The Little Guy helped with the install, of course.

Crayons and markers are corralled in this handy plastic container.  I like this container so much, I bought a few more to hold little toys in the diaper bag and throughout the house. 
Now the space is all neat and tidy, and we're calling it the Little Guy's "Office." 

It's nice to have a room of one's own, even if it is just a small corner in the breakfast room. 

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SonyaAnn said...

Very nice! I love when you are able to control clutter and make something old new again. Good job!