Monday, February 8, 2010

Martha Monday--Martha Gets Real

Martha Stewart has her own blog.  It's updated nearly every weekday, and filled with gorgeous pictures from her farm, her work, her travels and the wonderful fabulousness of her regular life. 

But every once in a while, Martha gets real.  She writes about something in her blog that reminds me, and all of her readers, that she is human and not (always) perfect. 

Last week, Martha shared on her blog that her closets were out of control.  My first thought?  "Riiiiigghhttt."

But then I saw the pictures...

Isn't that awful? That mess is out of control!  And look at this...

Martha's closets are total disaster areas.  And I love it.  Of course, Martha did take time to get everything nice and organized, but she admits that it took her several days.  Seriously.  Read the post for yourself!

Thanks to Martha for sharing not only the pretty/beautiful/gorgeous aspects of her home, but also the messy and imperfect ones.  It reminds me that no one is perfect, that any organized area can become a mess, and that with some time and hard work it's possible to fix it.  Happy Monday!

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