Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The nursery

The countdown is on, and Baby Girl should be here soon.  Fortunately, the nursery is all ready for her.  The Big Guy and friend Jeff painted the room in mid-January. The color is Pineapple Cream.

The artwork above the bed is simple pictures of a duck, monkey and frog. The bedding is "Womb with a View" from Land of Nod.

This antique dresser (part of a much larger set that we'll use when our daughter is older) will double as a changing table. The hanging diaper caddy is at the ready.

The swing, bouncer and car seat cover have been washed and are ready for use. Obviously, these things will all go to other locations once the baby is born, but for now, they're in her room and out of the way.

Notice the dark curtains in the background.  They don't match anything in the nursery, but for a while it will be good to have the privacy and the darkness as we all cope with an interrupted sleep schedule. 

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