Sunday, May 24, 2009

Wilton tent sale

The 2009 Wilton Tent Sale starts Friday, May 29. For those who are not obsessed with all things cake/cookie/candy, let me explain: Wilton is my go-to brand for everything related to cake and cookie decorating and candy making. Every year*, they have a huge tent sale where they unload nearly every product they make. This includes cake decorating supplies, cookie sheets, cookie cutters, kitchen utensils, cake stands, cupcake lines, etc. And everything is at least 50% off.

*Note: except last year, when they didn't have the tent sale and it nearly broke my heart.

And you can find more than just Wilton stuff there. Their partner companies make tons of kitchen ware, photo frames, scrapbooking supplies, and ....HANG ON TO YOUR HATS....

...items from the Martha Stewart Everyday line sold at KMart. Be still my beating heart!

I'm working on my shopping list now, lest my spending and excitement get totally out of control. That usually happens when I get to the candy making supplies, just so you know.

I'll be at the tent sale bright and early on Saturday, and tweeting the whole way through. If you are planning to get to the tent sale Saturday morning, give me a holler.

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teryn j. said...

Man, this is SO tempting! I use Wilton dyes for dyeing wool, and I bet I could get some good deals.