Friday, May 22, 2009

Martha's quiche, TMI style

The Little Guy and I had a night to ourselves recently, which is a perfect time at the TMI house to try a new recipe. Long story short: my husband's major food groups are steak/potato, cheese pizza, hamburger and Double-stuff Oreos. I'm down with the Oreos, but it's nice to branch out from the other three food groups, you know?

I made Martha's Crustless Broccoli-Cheddar Quiche. But in true TMI fashion, I did just a few things differently:

1. I put it in a pie shell. I used Martha's basic pie dough recipe.

2. I added way more cheese than the recipe called for.

3. I overbaked it. By about 15 minutes.

But no worries! It turned out great.

Little Guy even had seconds.

Not bad for a child who gets half of his DNA from a man who resists any kind of flavor. Hopefully my "TMI food adventure" genes are dominant.

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Lovemonger said...

Yummm, maybe next time I make quiche I'll use Martha's pie crust recipe too. Little Guy sure seems to approve:)