Saturday, May 9, 2009


With summer weather right around the corner, I had to get my feet ready for public viewing. Now, my hands are a mess, and I don't bother to try to make them look nice because it's a useless endeavor. But my feet are another matter--I sandals and flip-flops throughout the summer and I want my feet to look good. From the ankles down, I am hot stuff.
My good friend (and Aunt!) L-JO and I headed to Beauty Concepts in Westmont to kick off sandal season.
First, your feet soak in warm bubbly water.
Next, nails are cut and trimmed, and all the tough winter skin is scraped/whittled/sloughed off. That's always a long process. And can be a little painful, so prepare yourself mentally.
Then, nails are painted. If you ever do a home pedicure or manicure, remember: put a clear coat of polish on before putting the colored polish on. It will save your nails from getting that yellowish too-much-nail-polish tint to them.
And pick a fun color! This is not the time to do the old stand-by of fire engine red. Even though that's exactly what I did. L-JO went with a pretty coral color.
When the nails are painted, the pedicure is basically over. Just stick your toes under the blow dryer and wait.
The finished product:
I only do this 2-3 times a year, but I enjoy every minute of it. TMI Note: find a place that has massage chairs, bring a bottle of water and in the absence of a good friend, bring some good reading material. Enjoy!

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Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Elegance! And I tend to go fire engine red myself... I like toes that pack a wallop. :P