Tuesday, May 26, 2009

My big Martha's potato salad

Are you sitting down? I sure hope so, because I am about to share with you the best recipe for potato salad. Ever. And with summer season in full swing (no matter what the Midwest weather might otherwise imply), you'll need this go-to potato salad recipe.

This potato salad could change your life. It's that good.

It's my big Martha's recipe, and it has never failed me or steered me wrong. The recipe is quite simple--only four ingredients--and super easy to make. MBM's potato salad is perfect with BBQ, hamburgers, or just eaten by itself.

I usually make this recipe in 3-5 pound batches, so just make whatever amount works for you. Peel the potatoes. Cut them into large chunks (just halve them if they are small) and boil until just tender.

In another pot, hard boil some eggs. If I'm using huge potatoes, I boil 2 eggs for every potato. If I'm using smaller potatoes, then I only use 1 egg per potato. It's flexible--use your best judgement.

Let the potatoes and eggs cool. TMI note: put the eggs in the fridge--it makes for easier peeling later.

While the eggs and potatoes are cooling, go to the park. Swing, chase your toddler around, and maybe fly a kite. It's important to be happy and in a good mood when you return home to finish your potato salad. Trust me, the mood you are in when you make this recipe is reflected onto the food itself. And a happy potato salad is the best potato salad of all.

Dice the potatoes. Throw them in a big mixing bowl. Cut up the hard boiled eggs. Throw them in the bowl.

Next, and this is where more of your good judgement comes in, mix in some Miracle Whip and sweet relish. Not too much, though. Taste the potato salad as you go along. Remember, you can always add more Miracle Whip and relish, but once it's in there, you can't take it out.

I suppose regular old mayonnaise would do the same job, but at TMI we just go for that tangy zip.
Mix until blended, and stick it in the fridge. Enjoy it for cook-outs, enjoy it for picnics, and enjoy it for breakfast. Yes, you'll want to eat this potato salad for breakfast--it's that good.


hitenney said...

That looks like my Mom's club aluminum cookware! I love it - she's still mad at me for wrecking her Dutch oven (which she used for everything) by boiling fish carcasses for cat food - we could never get the smell out of the aluminum. We love pickle relish and hard-boiled eggs in our salad, too.
I love to stop in at your blog from frugalsuz's for ideas.

Chicagolandia said...

This sounds a lot like my momma's recipe, except she adds pimentos. It's all good though!

Jennie said...

This is EXACTLY the same potato salad my Grandma Doll, mom and now me have been making for decades - it's the best! G'ma Doll will be thrilled to know she shares a recipe with Martha. (I like to make potato salad sandwiches with the leftovers....weird, but yummy.)