Monday, May 4, 2009

Martha Monday!

I'm still coming down from my Martha Stewart contact mind is simply spinning with all the new craft projects and recipes to try.

To focus my thoughts, there are a few more Martha-related contests coming up, and nearly all of them craft-related.

The Crafts Dept. (Martha's group of crafters) is looking for a new blog header. Submissions are due by May 22. They'll pick their favorites and repost them on May 25; then, readers can vote on their favorite design. The winner will receive a copy of Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts. Read the official rules here.

The Crafts Dept. is also having a contest to find the best homemade creations (you'll have to scroll down a bit to see the contest). Ten winners will each receive a copy of Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts. The contest ends on May 31st. Read the official rules here.

Of course, if you're into contests where the quality of your product has little to no bearing on your chances of actually winning the prize, then there's always the second half of the Chicago Tribune's crafting contest. (Read all about the first half here.)

The second part involves making a project from Martha Stewart's Encyclopedia of Crafts, and submitting it to Henrietta @ Home by May 15th. The winner of the second part of the contest will receive an autographed copy of Martha Stewart's Cooking School. According to the Trib, Martha herself is helping to judge this contest, so maybe there is a chance that the winner will actually be a deserving entrant.

And let's hope that the chosen winner hasn't made a craft out of plastic grocery bags, or my world will seriously fall apart.

Finally, for all you pet lovers out there, Martha is having another Cute Pets contest. This time around, the theme is Party Animals and entries are due by May 25th. The winner receives a years' supply of Purina One pet food. See the rules here.

Good luck!

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