Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bathroom organization

Look under my bathroom sink and you'll find the usual stuff: body wash, soap, a gazillion lotions that smell like flowers, fruit and flowering fruits. There are tools for home manicures and pedicures, razors, hair products and no less than 12 containers of bubble bath and bath salts.

Here's a look at the left side of my bathroom cabinet:

The two small bins are barely holding their contents. Some items aren't even in bins, and as a person with self-diagnosed mild OCD, that just drives me nuts. NUTS, I tell you!!!

Here's the right side:

There's a small bin for soap (totally inadequate for my 20+ bars), a small wire rack at an attempt to use the vertical space and various lotion all over. Uncontained. Completely and utterly uncontained. What if they stage some kind of mutiny? I can't have a lotion mutiny in my bathroom.

Two things struck me as I assessed this bathroom-cabinet-craziness: I have a lot of supplies that need proper storage, and there is a lot of unused vertical space.

The solution: take everything out. The Little Guy was more than happy to help with this. But putting like items into the pink storage containers? Not so much. Apparently, it's more fun to chew on Mommy's bath products.

After the Little Guy put teeth marks in 7 of my 15+ bars of soap, he made his way to the bags of bath supplies waiting to be put away. He seems impressed with our growing Listerine collection.

At the end of Bathroom Organization: Day One, here's what Little Guy and I had accomplished. Items are grouped, securely stored and labelled. Products I use weekly are in an open bin on top.

Same thing on the right side, except some of the mouthwash didn't make it into bins. Caution: possible mutiny.

As with any reorganization, it's best to live with the new system for a few days and then reassess. If this works for me, great! I'll replace the post-its with more permanent labels. If not, I'll follow Little Guy's lead and start biting the soap.

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Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Hehehe love the comment about the lotion mutany. Funnyyy ;P