Monday, April 20, 2009

Martha Monday!

I had high hopes, because not only did he have a five-star rating and a bunch of views of his picture, but his picture was also tagged ("face") by the judges!

Sadly, Barley didn't win, nor did he make it as a finalist.

Instead, this borderline psychotic pup won...

Seriously, I am just not impressed with that dog or the picture. It's so staged! Where's the soulfulness, the longing, the look that says "Why are you making me wear bunny ears?" I think Barley conveyed that last thought especially well.
Let's take another look at the dog that should have won the Easter pet contest:

How could we not have won this contest???
Out of all the finalists, and if Barley hadn't been in the running, I would have picked this guy for the winner. Seriously, a dog dressed as a lamb? That's hilarious!

You can view the winner and finalists here. Next time, I think Martha should judge the contest and not her website lackeys. With her good taste, I just know she would have picked Barley as the winner.

Now, how do I break the news to Barley? Maybe a doggie treat will soften the blow.


Jamie said...

Ick! Perhaps Martha was enjoying too much wine at the time of judging?

Barley SOOO should have won!

teryn j. said...

Ick! Even my brother's dog looked better than that psychotic egg dog (can we say "escaped convict"???), and she wasn't even in a contest.

Barley was CLEARLY a much stronger candidate, and I know Martha would have agreed.

teryn j. said...

Also, just for fun: another pic of Stef's dog. Clearly, I'm a proud aunt.

Amanda said...

Too cute! He should enter that second picture when Martha has her "Incognito Pets" contest.

Chicagolandia said...

The winning dog look like it needed Prozac. But, Barley - now there is a classic. He looked too cute.

Anonymous said...

Barley was robbed. He is such a good dog, too. L