Saturday, April 11, 2009

A kitchen tripods

Remember those beautiful Easter eggs?

I turned them into some beautiful devilled eggs.

These devilled eggs need to make a 45 minute drive today, so careful packing was in order. I lined a baking sheet with paper towels to prevent slipping. And so the peaks of the piped yolk mixture (what is that yellow concoction called?) wouldn't get smashed, I got creative.

You know those plastic tripods that come on your delivered/carryout pizza? They're on there so that the top of the pizza box doesn't come into contact with the gooey cheese just below it. Most people throw them out without a second thought, but these little tripods can be quite useful in the kitchen.

I put several of the tripods in with the devilled eggs, then laid my wax paper over it. Then, I added several layers of plastic wrap.

One layer of plastic wrap would have been just as good, but it's this thing I have with covering food. I like it to be secure, okay? The tripods keep the covering off my fancy devilled eggs, so they can arrive looking just as good as when I made them. Unless I drop them as we arrive. Which has been known to happen.

Clever in the kitchen? Usually. Solid coordination skills? Not so much.

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