Saturday, April 4, 2009

Phillips Park Zoo

We've only lived here a few months, but already I am really liking the City of Aurora. There's just so many family attractions to explore. Today, my family came into town and we headed to Phillips Park Zoo.

(Some of the pictures are hard to see because of my view through the chain link fence surrounding the exhibits. In person, it is a much better view!)

The peacocks put on a dazzling display. Sidenote: peacocks are very loud birds.

The herd of elk was enjoying the sunshine.

We saw a mountain lion (look at the top of the building above the green line) and river otters. Not in the same enclosure, of course.

They have a pair of bald eagles who share an enclosure with a turkey vulture.

The reptile house (no pictures, sorry!) was really neat. They had turtles, snakes, iguanas, alligators and a macaw. The kids really enjoyed it.

My niece Sunshine and Little Guy enjoyed the exhibits. In addition to the zoo, there is a large playground on the premises. When the weather is warmer, we'll head over for a picnic lunch and an afternoon on the playground equipment.

TMI wholeheartedly recommends taking your family to the Phillips Park Zoo. Admission is free (please leave a donation!) and aside from major holidays, the zoo is open year-round. Enjoy!