Friday, November 4, 2011

PW's Bananas Foster

Do you read The Pioneer Woman? Why am I even asking?...nearly everyone does. If you don't, you need to know that Ree (the Pioneer Woman) is very funny and one heck of a cook.  She has an entire section of her blog dedicated to recipes, and she recently posted her version of Bananas Foster.  

I had Bananas Foster in a restaurant once, loved it, and never had the opportunity to try it again. When I found the recipe on her site, I just had to make it in my own kitchen.  With butter, brown sugar, heavy cream, pecans, cinnamon, dark rum and bananas, you really just can't go wrong!  Setting the whole thing on fire is a tad nerve-racking, but a must.  And if I can do it without burning my house down, so can you! Just be careful!

Ree's recipe makes a great deal of sauce, so much that it can easily accommodate four bananas instead of her recommended two.  And, should you have leftover sauce (minus the bananas), know that it stores really well in the fridge for several days. 

Bananas Foster is absolutely amazing over vanilla ice cream.  In fact, this is my new favorite dessert...which is REALLY BIZARRE considering that there's no chocolate to be found here. 

If you're looking for a way to expand your dessert repertoire, or maybe you just want to set something on fire, give this recipe a try.  It's delicious!

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