Thursday, November 17, 2011

From Martha to me to you

I'm not hosting Thanksgiving this year (sniff, sniff!) but if I were, I'd be using these awesome and free printables from Martha Stewart.  That she personally gave to me, because we are best friends.  And I told her, "Martha, these are just too cute! You should put these on your website so everyone can use them."

And Martha said, "Amanda, that is a brilliant idea!  You are always thinking of others. What would I do without you?"

And with that we both laughed and had another cocktail.  The next day, Martha put these printables on her website for everyone to enjoy.  YOU'RE WELCOME.*

These turkey place cards are so elegant.  Love these!  Though I'm not sure I'd invite anyone named "Kirk" to my Thanksgiving dinner. He just sounds shady, you know?

I love having crafts and activities for kids at holiday gatherings, and these adorable pilgrim hats and bonnets fit the bill.  Except that boy in the middle totally doesn't deserve his. Someone take that darling pilgrim hat away from him and give it to a kid who knows how to smile for a decent picture.

A fun game of turkey trivia is another great way to entertain the kids.  Martha has both the printable and the trivia questions on her website.  That woman thinks of everything!

Martha know how much I like chocolate, so she designed these candy bar wrappers that double as place cards.  That Martha! She knows me so well!**

You can find the whole set of Martha's free Thanksgiving printable place cards, activities, and decorations here. Enjoy!

*Disclaimer: that conversation never happened, except in my head. So it sort of happened, just not with the real Martha Stewart.
**Yet another disclaimer: This is probably mostly totally an untrue statement.  

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