Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Gifts for my kids

It's easy to go overboard with Christmas gift-giving, especially when kids are involved.  The urge to buy my kids stuff, stuff, stuff is strong, but fortunately I don't have unlimited space or funds to indulge in this madness.  Gifts from Mommy and Daddy follow this handy rhyme:

Something you want; something you need. Something to wear and something to read.

Little Guy and Little Miss's gifts stay in line with this credo. Additionally, they get a gift from Santa and a stocking full of goodies, small toys and treats.     

This year, their "something to wear" happens to be Halloween costumes I bought on clearance.  We play dress up a lot and these will be a big hit.  In a few years, I'm sure more practical clothing options will replace the superhero and storybook costumes, so I'm enjoying (and indulging!) this dress-up phase for as long as I can.

While not everything is pictured, nearly all the gift-buying for my kids is done. I have a few more stocking stuffers to buy, but that's it.  There is one gift in the making, however.  The big project is the gift from Santa.  Handy Freddy and I are calling it "Project Sony."

We got this television from the side of the road several months ago. After confirming that it doesn't work, Handy Freddy gutted it.  My plan is to spray paint the inside, and MOM2 is sewing a curtain to go across the top.  What will that give us? 

A super-cool puppet theater for Little Guy and Little Miss, direct from Santa. With a little help from his elves, of course.  Stay tuned!


frugalsuz said...

I love the rhyme, that's such a cute idea!

Amanda Grant said...

It definitely helps when it comes time to buy Christmas gifts for the kids. The more you know! ;)