Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A dino-riffic birthday

Last month, my Little Guy turned four.  FOUR?!?! Can you believe it? Where does the time go?

Anyways, he's been into dinosaurs for months (years?) and it seemed like the perfect theme for his birthday party.  I used Pinterest to create an inspiration board for the party, and it quickly became the blueprint for the actual party.

Invitations and thank you notes came from Vistaprint. I've used them before for business cards and address labels, and for the price, I was happy with how they turned out (the picture below is from their sample).

The invitations let guests know what to expect (a birthday boy who is totally into dinosaurs) but the decorations set the tone for the party.  Outside, the Big Guy used sidewalk chalk to make Dino footprints leading up the driveway and sidewalk to the front door.

And here's Little Guy following the footprints in his dinosaur costume (and yes, he wears that costume everywhere!):

Inside, I taped crepe paper to the ceiling to transform the hallway into a rain forest.  I used three shades of green, one yellow and one blue streamer that featured a dinosaur and "Happy birthday" on it.  I thought five rolls of crepe paper would be enough, but I could have used five more. Lesson learned: keep ten rolls of every color of crepe paper ever invented on hand at all times.

The dinosaur balloon idea came from Family Fun magazine. The faces were drawn with permanent marker on regular balloons. While the original idea involved helium balloons turned upside down, I just used air-filled balloons and let them hang from the ceiling with ribbon. These were extremely easy to do and very cost-effective.

Kids and adults had fun roaming in our 'rainforest.' The streamers and balloons were attached to the ceiling with painter's tape, so I had no worries about what would happen when it was time to take the decorations down. 

For additional decoration, we displayed Little Guy's toy dinosaurs all over the house.  Fun!  Tomorrow, I'll share all the Dino Do-ings that happened at our Dino Party. ROAR!!!

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