Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dinosaurs do things!

I like having specific activities for kids to do at birthday parties. Sure, they can hang out and play with toys, but that's really something they could do any old day. I firmly believe birthday parties should be fun and special, not just for the birthday boy or girl but for all the kids who attend. With that in mind, we had some super-fun activities for the kids at the Little Guy's 4th birthday party.

We were fortunate to have amazing weather for the Little Guy's birthday weekend--we were wearing shorts in October!--so it was a no-brainer to use the bouncy house. A bouncy house is always a hit with kids.

I found plastic dinosaur skeletons at Dollar Tree and buried them in the sandbox--instant Dinosaur Dig!

I really lucked out with the good weather for this activity.  A Dino dig is not something I could have replicated inside the house.  All the kids really enjoyed digging for dinosaur skeletons.

The third activity required quite a bit of research on my part, but it was worth it: I made a Dinosaur Growth Chart!  I put it in the foyer along with the favor bags and dinosaur hats so people could check their height right as they came in.

The Dinosaur Growth Chart reached 17 feet (almost to the ceiling) and on it I had written the name and height of nearly 20 dinosaurs.  Did you know that a Stegosaurus was 10 feet tall, and that a Tyrannosaurus Rex was 16 feet tall?  And, unlike in the movie Jurassic Park, Velociraptors were only 4 feet tall.  It's true! 

Kids and adults stood next to the chart to see how they measured up.  And after the party was really rolling, kids were standing ON adults to recreate some of the larger dinosaur heights. Below, Little Guy stands on top of the Big Guy, and yet they still aren't quite as tall as a Triceratops (10 feet).  Little Miss is about the size of an Oviraptor.  I am really proud of this activity--while I get a lot of inspiration from party blogs, books and magazines, this was an original idea that was both fun and educational.  Woohoo!

Tomorrow, I'll show you the amazing cake and cookies.  They turned out great, if I do say so myself.

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