Friday, November 18, 2011

Hand- and footprint crafts for Thanksgiving

I love Pinterest, I really, really do.  For a while I've been pinning super-cute kid art made with their hand- and footprints. Little Guy, Little Miss and neighbor Adithi made some fun art for Halloween by sticking their hands and feet in paint.  Now, there are a few ideas on my "Hand and Foot Print Art" board that are perfect for Thanksgiving.

Making any or all of these would be a great project for the kids leading up to Thanksgiving, or on the day of as they are waiting for the feast to begin:

My best advice, if you are using this as an activity on Thanksgiving Day, is to enlist the help of older kids or teenagers to help the younger ones.  This gets the older kids involved and keeps the younger kids busy so you can focus on guests or cooking.  But not cooking your guests, because that would be wrong.

Please note: these art ideas are not mine.  They were found by me and pinned, or pinned by other Pinterest users and then re-pinned by me. For original sources, please visit my Pinterest boards and you can find the source material/links there.  Thank you!

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