Friday, July 22, 2011

Flea market find

Not too long ago friend Yogi and I hit the Kendall County Flea Market

We got there early, so not many vendors had set up other than the ones in the barn. But the barn displays were fantastic!  Every vendor took such pride in their wares and things were beautifully displayed.

The good thing about hitting the flea market early is that it's still cool outside (well, maybe not this week) and it's not crowded.

Here's my find from the flea market:

It's a square cake stand! Isn't it awesome?  Cake stands are quickly becoming my thing, and I was happy to snatch this up for only $10.00.  Yogi's theory on the hole in the middle is that it's meant to allow for stacking another smaller stand on top.  Do you have any ideas as to what the hole is for?

Yogi and I are heading to the Kane County Flea Market in August...maybe I'll add another piece to my growing cake stand collection! 


Tom said...

Perhaps it is not a cake stand after all. But, instead, a really large candle holder!

Amanda said...

then it would be a candle holder fail. nope, cake is going on this. lots and lots of square cake. cake for everyone!