Thursday, July 28, 2011


I like gardening. I really, really like gardening. And even though I am fairly new at this (I've only tried to garden twice before in my life), it's going well.  As I've repeatedly mentioned, gardening is the one trait about Martha Stewart that I covet the most, and also the area of Martha-ness in which I am (was?) most lacking.

With that in mind, you can imagine how proud and happy I was when we began to harvest cucumbers two weeks ago. The Little Guy was just as excited as I was.

The first cucumbers came off of our Fanfare variety, and they were quite tasty. 

So far, we've harvested at least 8 cucumbers (I've lost track of the exact count).  Cucumber slices are great for snacking and as a side dish in our house.   Of our two varieties, I like Sweet Slice the best.  I'll be planting two of those next year.

I've also harvested ONE cherry tomato from the Golden Nugget plant.  Because there was only one, I quartered it so we could all have a tiny taste.  It was delicious!   I would definitely plant two of those next year as well.  

If all goes well (good weather and no more hornworms), we should have several more of these for this weekend.  And a lot more smiles like the one above!  Happy harvesting!

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