Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Party time organization

Remember that big organizing tear I went on in January?  I'm still on it, but I've slowed considerably. Nonetheless, I am determined to organize/clean out the basement in time for a summer yard sale and I recently cleaned up another bit of the outrageous amount of uncorralled and unsorted party supplies. 

Whenever fun party supplies go on clearance (serious clearance, not some measly 30% sale) I pick them up. This happens a little bit at a time, and the result was a bunch of shopping bags of party stuff distributed randomly throughout the basement. Not cool.

I brought everything into the dining room and got busy sorting.  General party stuff, such as crepe paper, balloons, banners and theme-less goody bags went into the first box.  See my trusty balloon blower-upper thingy?  If you have kids and therefore parties that call for balloons, get this thing. I bought it for $2.50 at Wal-Mart and it has saved my lungs. 

All the Sesame Street themed stuff went into the next box.  I had a Sesame Street theme for the Little Guy's second birthday, with the plan of doing the same thing for my next child.  Fortunately, I have plenty of cups, plates, napkins, party hats and decorations to make that happen.  Come next February, Little Miss will celebrate her second birthday with Big Bird, Elmo, Cookie Monster and company. 

Note to self:  do not buy any more Sesame Street themed party supplies.

Once the general party and Sesame Street supplies were sorted, I had a huge amount of sports-themed party supplies left.  I have an astonishing amount of plates, napkins, cups, decorations, goody bags and invitations ready for the day when the Little Guy decides he wants a sports-themed birthday.  I don't think that will be this year, as he just entered a major dinosaur phase, but it is coming.  And until that day, these supplies will keep just fine in the basement. 

Note to self: do not buy any more sports-themed party supplies. 

Being organized is great for so many reasons: you can see what you have, what you need, and what you don't need, and that saves you time and money.  Now that the party supplies are organized and I know that guilt and shame will be mine if I buy any more Sesame Street or sports-themed stuff, I feel much, much better and more prepared for the next party.  Plus, getting organized is a bit like a party for me. 

Just so you know, I party like a rock star. 

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