Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Transitioning to Easter

Because Easter is so late on the calender this year, I wanted to get my Easter decorations on display in order to enjoy them as much as possible.  So at the beginning of March, the winter decorations (all of my snowman and snowflake stuff) get put away and the Easter stuff came out. 

As you can see from the dining room table, the transition between holiday/season decorations can be a bit messy. Can you see the Little Guy back there? My son is almost completely hidden by all the winter and spring decorations on the table.

Here he is! My Little Guy was checking out the Easter eggs. 

Fortunately for me, My Big Martha took over the task of decorating.  Once the Easter boxes were out of the basement, she got started on the mantel. 

She worked with various Easter baskets to find the right height and began filling them with all the decorative eggs and figurines from the boxes.

The mantle quickly became the focal point of the room with the bunnies and baskets.

Doesn't this look great?  My Big Martha has a knack for design and decoration that has apparently skipped my generation--I certainly couldn't do that!  Already we've gotten several compliments on the mantel. 

I like the mantel (and other decorative scenes she set up) so much that I've already booked her for next Easter.  I'm trying to get her for this Halloween and Christmas, too!

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