Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Waste not

Just like Martha Stewart, I abhor waste.  Wasted time, money, effort, all bothers me.  I try to make things last for as long as possible, and I hate to throw anything out.  For example, take a look at all of these shampoo and conditioner bottles. 

Some bottles contain enough product for one or two more uses, but they're all at the point where it's impossible to get it out of the container.  Others have more product in there, but I stopped using it because its companion shampoo/conditioner was all used up.  I like to be on the same page with my shampoo and conditioner, you know?

Anways, check out the Lotion Saver from the Container Store.

These bottle couplers allow for easy transfer from one bottle to another.  It took a day or two, but now I have everything condensed into their appropriate bottles.  Amazingly, a small bit here and there combined to make over 7 ounces of shampoo and about 5 ounces of conditioner.  That's enough product for a whole month, and to think that all of that would have gone to waste...sniffle.  Now, I have a super-crazy concoction of shampoos and conditioners made from all different consistencies and scents.  Doesn't that sound fun?

Of course, I always did a have a crazy idea of what "fun" is.  I hope it bodes well for my hair!


Dora said...

cool! home chemistry class.

Anonymous said...

This makes me think of the Redwood Inn, and when we had to combine ketchups. haha! L