Monday, August 1, 2011

Martha Monday--Road trip snacks

Summer is winding down (although the mercury says otherwise), but there is time to get a road trip or two in before it's over. For fun snacking on your trip, whether it's down the street to the park or across the country, I found a fun gallery of sweet, salty and crunchy snacks on Martha you'll want to try.  I'd like to whip up a few batches of these treats before we head out to our next concert in the park.

If you haven't noticed by now, I have a serious sweet tooth. This caramel corn is calling my name!

And to wash down that caramel corn, I'll need some chocolate-covered pretzels.  Now, chocolate will melt in a hot car, so be sure to eat these BEFORE you get to the first rest stop.  Or before you leave your neighborhood. Either way is cool.

During a road trip, or any travelling, don't over-pack the sweets at the expense of crunchy/salty snacks.  You'll want to leave room for those in your carry-on as well, especially this spicy-sweet pretzel mix. Yum!

Finally, here's my essential treat for any road trip I take:
Nibs. They're a must.

What snacks do you take on your road trips?  And yes, trips during a staycation totally count!  Happy snacking!


Anonymous said...

twizzlers? in cherry? do I even know you? =) I like salty snacks and sweet drinks for the road. sweet tea and chex mix/chips. Yum. Cherry-flavored can just hitch hike for all I care. Keep that nastyness out my car! L

Amanda said...

It hurts me that you hate my nibs, but I love you and will still be your friend anyway. ;) Nibs forever!