Friday, August 5, 2011

ReStore in Aurora

Have you heard of ReStore?  Run by Habitat for Humanity, ReStores are located throughout the US and Canada, and sell reusable furniture, household goods and building supplies.  We are in the market for an entertainment center, so we headed to our local ReStore in Aurora last weekend.

This was my first time at ReStore, and I was surprised by the amount of everything they had! Need a couch? Choose from over thirty available.  Interested in kitchen cabinets?  They must have had over 200 there. 

Donations come from individuals, building companies, restaurants, offices and more. All proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity, which is a great cause.  And bonus! All this stuff has the chance to find a new home which keeps it out of landfills.

The Red Lobster up the road was remodeling.  Hmmm, I wonder what they did with all of their old booth seats and tables?

Many of the building supplies are surplus and therefore brand new.  The Aurora ReStore had a great selection of lighting...everything from lamps to fixtures to chandeliers. 

I noticed some really nice antiques at ReStore. There were several bedroom sets and desks that were clearly very old but still in great condition.

We didn't find anything to suit our needs for an entertainment center (I have a particular style/function in mind), but the kids were excited to find the antique cradle and rocking horse. 

I found this great buffet that would be perfect for the foyer.  Big Guy, can you hear me?

I was really impressed with my local ReStore, and I'm sure I'll be back soon (quite possibly for that buffet).  Do you have a ReStore near you?  What's your go-to place for inexpensive furniture?


Anonymous said...

wow- your restore is so much bigger and well stocked than ours! L

Amanda said...

Seriously, they had a lot of stuff! Lots of lighting, cabinets, doors, windows and furniture. I was impressed! :)

Matt Perry said...

Lots of stuff, right? I couldn't believe how many different things they had under one roof! I am now following your blog officially, I'm very excited! :) Suzie and I hope to take more of your classes in the near future. Wish us luck at our closing for our townhouse! (26th)

Amanda said...

Thanks, Matt! Good luck to you and Suzie--I'm so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

Never 'wudda' thunk it! Just for the heck of it I searched for one in my area of Buffalo NY and lo' and behold. There is one. I can't wait to check it out. I love that it serves multiple purposes. It keeps things out of the land fill, repurposes items which keeps the cost low, AND helps to fund Habitat for Humanity. Great!

Thanks for the info!


Amanda said...

Thanks for the comment, Nini! I hope you find some great stuff at your local ReStore. Shopping is fun, but contributing to such a good cause makes it even better!