Monday, May 10, 2010

Martha Monday--spring cleaning

Oh, spring.  That magical time of year when the birds are singing, the weather warms, flowers begin to bloom, and I am overcome with a serious compulsion to clean my house from top to bottom.

I desperately want to remove every possession from my house, scrub every surface from top to bottom, and systematically clean each piece of furniture/decoration/whatever before it is brought back in.  Fortunately for my family and neighbors, I don't have the energy or time necessary for what I call a "whole house cleanse."  For the time being, my home will be considered "normal" on the cleanliness scale, rather than "sparkly showroom clean."


While revamping the kids' bathroom, I did get to indulge in some small-scale spring cleaning.  After the paint was dry but before things were moved back in, I took the time to clean the window, wooden blinds, lightbulbs and medicine cabinet.  My big Martha cleaned the doors and the Big Guy steam cleaned the floor. 

Good times, though I'm not sure my helpers enjoyed the process as much as I did. 

To get started on your spring cleaning in a rational way, check out Martha's spring cleaning tips.  If you'd like to get a little crazy, try the TMI Whole House Cleanse.  And let me know how that goes!

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