Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Sugar Creek Arts Festival

This weekend, the Little Guy and I took a mini-road trip to Normal, Illinois, to see good friends Shannon and Joe and stroll through the Sugar Creek Arts Festival. There were over 100 booths filled with jewelry, art, glass work, ceramics, textiles, pottery and more. All the crafts were very upscale made by very talented artisans. No tea cozies here.

It was so very Martha.

But the Little Guy wasn't interested in all that fancy arts and crafts stuff. No, sirree, this wee one was focused completely on the band.

And who can blame him? Sister Groove and the Crosstown Jam are awesome, and have been playing in the Bloomington/Normal area since 1996. Not to date myself, but I remember seeing them way back when.

The Little Guy was intent on getting up close. As close as possible. He grabbed my hand and pulled me all the way up to the stage.

I think he wanted to get in on all that singing and dancing action. After the show, one of the sisters said that the Little Guy was so focused on the performance, she was ready to let him onstage to see if he'd jump right in and start singing.

Maybe we'll give that a try next year. The Sugar Creek Arts Festival is in Bloomington/Normal every year (usually the weekend after July 4th?). If you are ever in the area, I highly encourage you to check it out. If the arts and crafts don't move you, the singing and dancing will!


frugalsuz said...

Aww, looks like you've got a music lover on your hands!

Lovemonger said...

Love the close up of the Little Guy!

Jean K. Lahm said...

Nice! You can't do better than a festival w/great music! I think our boys should definitely form a band!