Monday, July 27, 2009

Martha Monday!

Writing my "Martha Monday!" column is perhaps the best part of every Monday for me. Each week I talk about whatever I want to that relates to Martha, me, Martha and me, Martha and me and all the good times we've shared.

But today, as I sat down to write "Martha Monday," all I could think about is how exhausted I am. Tired, stressed and way too busy. I want to write--and I have plenty of ideas and photos begging to be shared--but so little time or energy to give it my all. Naturally, I decided to consult the folks at Martha Stewart Living.

Their publication Body + Soul addressed this extreme fatigue in March 2009 with the article "The Exhaustion Cure." The article lists 10 common causes of exhaustion, along with recommendations to stop the stress and get your physical and mental well-being back on track.

Right away, I see several causes of exhaustion that apply to me: shallow breathing, not enough rest, and information overload. This is on top of a stressful job and trying to parent a toddler that is rapidly approaching the terrible two's.

Here's the question: What does Martha do when she's exhausted? Actually, I doubt Martha has this problem, but for sanity's sake, let's say she has. So, what would Martha do?

My guess is that she'd take a break. Which is exactly what I'm doing. Readers, I heart you and I'll miss you, but I need to take a vacation from some things for a while, and that includes blogging. I'll be back next week with a rested body and fresh mind for an all new "Martha Monday!" Until then, take care and take care of yourself.


Lovemonger said...

A break - what a great idea! Enjoy it, get some rest, and feel better. I'll miss you.

frugalsuz said...

Everyone needs some R&R time from time to time. Enjoy yourself!

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

We'll miss you! But you definitely deserve a little time to yourself. Hope you get some time to just chill!