Monday, July 6, 2009

Martha Monday!

One of the ways the TMI household celebrated July 4th was to head out to Lowe's and buy a grill. Because nothing says "I value my freedom of speech" and "Hooray for America" like purchasing a large outdoor appliance upon which we'll grill pounds and pounds of raw animal flesh all summer long.

I love freedom.

And when I say "we'll grill..." you know that means the Big Guy will grill, while I'm the one who plans the meals, buys the food, does all prep work and makes the side dishes, right? Just so we're clear on what "grilling" means in the TMI household.

Don't cry for me, though: the Big Guy will do the majority of the cleaning. I run a tight ship, you know?

The Big Guy has three burners for animal flesh, and I plan on having him at the grill at least four times a week. That's a lot of grilling. Fortunately, Martha has a lot of grilling recipes at Martha Stewart .com. There's 100 easy grilling recipes, along with hundreds of sides and accompaniments.

What I really like about the grill is this cute little side burner. I have no idea what to do with it, but I like it all the same.

And while the Big Guy is grilling, I might indulge in a Martha-tini. Enjoy!


Chicagolandia said...

Wow - that's a beautiful grill! Don't you just love BBQ weather?

Amanda said...

You're back! All this grill is partially your fault--all your grilling escapades inspired me! :)

Tom said...

Word of advice for the Big Guy:

Amanda was right, nothing says "America" like grilling pounds of animal flesh. But, these are the times to "go green", and since you will grill by using propane you MUST counteract that by conserving another vital resource: water. The best way I know to conserve water is to drink beer.
While grilling, be sure to leave one hand available at all times for your beverage of choice!

The grill looks beautiful by the way! Enjoy!

Anonymous said...

niiiiice! so shiny. L

Sarah Eliza @ devastateboredom said...

Hahaha! Very fun grill, love the side burner too... you'll come up with something martha-esque to do with it, I'm sure. ;)

Lovemonger said...

Congratulations on the new grill! Also loved the post about Little Guy's Softoys fishing equipment, complete with pics of him using it as fashionable headwear.

cheapdate said...

I love, love, love my side burner!!!!In the summer with all the produce, I blanch the veggies out on that side burner and keep all the heat (and mess ) out side. When I freeze corn it is a lifesaver! Or I par-boil my ribs on the burner and just move them right on over to the grill. Trust me you will come to love it.