Thursday, July 2, 2009

Martha haiku

The upcoming three-day weekend has me all a-flutter. The TMI household will be busy with fireworks, parades and hosting friends all weekend long. I'm looking forward to new recipes and activities, and coming up with extra special touches to make this a wonderful holiday weekend. And with all these plans, it's the perfect opportunity to Martha It Up.

Or get My Martha On. Or express some Domestic Divatude. Or let out My Inner Martha. You know what I'm saying, right? Right?!?

I'm so excited and inspired, I've written some poetry. Enjoy!

Weekend antiquing
Search for the perfect highboy
to fit in the hall.

Sparkly ornaments
Perfectly wrapped packages
Christmas Martha-style.

Please follow my tweets
Martha, as I follow yours
Daily without fail.

Red ripe strawberries
Buttermilk, sugar and cream
Strawberry shortcake.

Entertaining friends
Set the table with china
and the good silver.

Good things from Martha
include nice decorations
and smart kitchen tips.

Organic garden
yields vegetables and fruit
Eat right off the vine.

Martha blogs daily
except weekends--no posts then.
Must be "Martha" time.

Finally, this last gem is all about why I like haiku so much:

I like haiku form
No rhyming necessary
Follow the pattern.

You know, I could do this haiku thing all day long. I wonder if Martha writes poetry?

What would Martha write?

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