Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Village tour

There are people who go ga-ga for Christmas and put up trees, lights and decorations. And then there are the completely crazy people who go one step further by setting up a Christmas village. 

Guess which category I fall into?

My Christmas village hasn't seen the light of day in a few years.  Last year, Little Miss was too small and I was worried she'd pull a ceramic house down on her head, and the year before that I was way too pregnant to bother with putting the village up. 

This year, I did get it out and it was mostly due to the Little Guy's urging.  Fortunately, I got it set up in less than two hours and what's even better is that so far the kids haven't destroyed anything.  Score! 

It's in the family room in front of the TV on the entertainment center and a table.  It features 17 houses/buildings, several smaller nature scenes and many people figurines doing various Christmas activities.  I've been collecting pieces since I was in college, before I ever had a house of my own to display the Christmas village in!  Because that's how hardcore Christmas I am.  For real.

I hope you enjoy this tour of my Christmas village!

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