Monday, December 5, 2011

Martha Monday--Wonderfully handmade

Right now, all of my homemade gifts are of the baked variety...cookies, cookies and more cookies. Next Christmas, I hope to branch out and give handmade gifts that don't have to spend time in the oven before they are given.

But if you're looking to give handmade this year, Martha has some amazing ideas.  Check out her 82 ideas for handmade gifts for the women in your life; 33 ideas for homemade gifts for the men in your life;  and 34 ideas for kids' handmade gifts.

I'm really liking this No-Sew Tote Bag:

And homemade Body Scrub looks easy to make, while still being a luxurious gift:

If "Project Sony" goes well, then maybe I'll try my hand at some other homemade gifts for my kids next year.  This Animal Trunk is awesome:

Making handmade gifts accomplishes so many things: there's a real sense of accomplishment in making a gift that's good enough to give, it saves money and it truly shows the recipient how much you care.  Baking is how I do that now, but my inner-Martha is crying out for me to do more. 

For more handmade gift ideas from Martha Stewart, click here.  Happy gifting!


Tom said...

I'm not sure about that ratio of homemade gift ideas...

82 for women, 33 for men, and 34 for kids?

Hmmm... Me thinks that Martha is secretly hoping that Santa is reading! Could the 82 actually be her XMas list?

Amanda Grant said...

Gee, Tom. I don't understand what you are getting at...that ration looks just fine to me! :)