Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Last minute gift ideas

Christmas is only three days away...are you ready?  I have only one more gift to purchase, and I know exactly what it is so I'm not freaking out.  I do, however, know several people who are freaking out.  If that's the boat you're in, have no fear. Here are some super-duper last-minute Christmas ideas that are easy to buy and won't break the bank:

For her: gift certificates for manicures/pedicures.  You can't go wrong with this!

For him: new gloves, hat, scarf and a super-fancy heated windshield scraper. Cozy, yet technologically advanced. Win!

For kids: board and card games.  In a world where too many kids are plugged in too early and for too long, an old-fashioned board or card game is a nice break. How about a poker set?

For the couple:  chocolates and champagne.  No need to say more.

For the family: a family-friendly movie, popcorn, candy and a six-pack of high-end root beer.  Instant family movie night!

Need to buy a bunch of gifts?  My advice is to pick a theme and shop at a quality department-type store.

For example, let's say you are exhausted with all of this Christmas preparation and craziness. All you want to do is sleep, am I right?  THERE'S YOUR THEME!  There are lots of great gifts out there (for kids and adults) that relate to "sleep":

Pajamas (these are especially fun for kids)
Fancy sheets
New pillows
Fun and functional alarm clocks
Nightlights (again, especially fun for kids)
Cozy bathrobes
Throw blankets
Stuffed animals (for kids)
Night time reading materials (for kids or adults)

Any of these items can be easily found at any major store, and at affordable prices. 

Here's another theme (and one of my favorites)....the kitchen!
What kitchen gifts would be suitable for a wide variety of people?

Cookbooks (good for kids and adults)
Popcorn maker (include popcorn and seasonings)
Blender (include drink mix)
Food gift basket
Food kit--think cake pops, cupcakes, cookies, etc.
Platters and serving dishes
Vases and centerpieces
Tablecloths and placemats
High-end kitchen gadgets, such as a rotary cheese grater, omelet pan, food processor, etc.

Again, these are all items that can be purchased on a budget in any department-type store. 

Get an idea, make a list, check your budget and then get to the nearest store that suits your needs. Grab everything, check your list, make your purchases and go home to wrap.  At this point in the game, there's no reason to spend any time stressing out over what to get for whom...Christmas is right around the corner, and there are better things you could be doing with your time.  Such as sipping a nice Riesling while watching Miracle on 34th Street for the millionth time. 

And if all these ideas aren't working for you, head to Walgreen's or CVS and get everyone on your list a Chia pet.  Everyone loves those things!


Jean K. Lahm said...

Great ideas!!

Amanda Grant said...

Thanks, Jean! Though I'm sure you had your shopping and wrapping done weeks ago. Have a merry Christmas and kiss those boys for me!