Friday, June 22, 2012

Butterfly and bee gardens

To help with pollination issues, I've planted two small butterfly gardens in the backyard.  The first and biggest is in the northwest corner situated under a locust tree, between the Wall of Tomatoes and the compost bins. It features sedum, asters and a few other flowers and shrubs that I just can't remember the names of.  Which I'm sure happens to Martha all the time.

The most prominent butterfly-attractor is a large purple butterfly bush. Next to that is one lonely milkweed stalk. For those of you not in the Midwest, milkweed is essential to the Monarch butterfly. The caterpillars feed on it, and it's usually where they make their chrysalis to turn into a butterfly. 

I've been told that milkweed is invasive. If so, I hope it invades the heck out of this corner of my yard. The more butterflies in my garden, the better!

Already the butterfly bush is working...see the bee collecting nectar?

There's another small gathering of flowering plants in the southwest corner of the backyard between the strawberries and the beets. This bee/butterfly garden is much smaller with one butterfly bush and two asters.  There are no flowers yet, but hopefully I'll see some action soon.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

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