Monday, June 4, 2012

Martha Monday--Skylands

Martha's summer home Skylands (once Edsel Ford's estate) is located in beautiful Seal Harbor, Maine.   Just feast your eyes on all this gorgeousness:

At this point in my life, I can't imagine having a "summer home" so incredible that it deserves its own name, let alone one once owned by an American icon. Or having a summer home at all. I own a tent, but that's just not the same as this:

At this point, I'd like to appeal to Martha...

Dearest Martha, my idol, my inspiration,

Skylands is a beautiful estate, and I do so enjoy looking at all the pictures you post on your blog.  Should you have a shortage of interesting and fun guests at Skylands this summer, please consider adding me, and my two little cherubs, to the guest list.  My children are well-behaved, I make a mean coffee cake, and we desperately need a vacation.

Sincerely yours,
Amanda Grant (mini-Martha)

PS. We could even stay in the guest house:

For now, I'll just get back to pitching the tent in my backyard.  Happy Monday, everyone!

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