Monday, March 26, 2012

Martha Monday--Spring cleaning

It's spring here in the Midwest. Well, scratch that. It was winter, then it was summer, and now back to almost winter, so spring must be coming soon.  Any minute now, in fact!  And spring means cleaning.

Though I must you know what really puts me in the mood to clean?  It's not the's watching Hoarders. Nothing makes me want to clean quite like watching that show does.  Shudder.

Of course, Martha is a whiz when it comes to spring cleaning. She may have even invented it. 

Honestly! Look how happy she is! I'm nowhere near that happy when I'm cleaning.  I can only guess her happiness is due to the fact that she invented spring cleaning, and now it's a cultural phenomenon.

Note to self: invent something that becomes a cultural phenomenon. Bonus points if it includes ice cream and cake! 

My plan for the weekend was to spring-clean the entire second floor (four bedrooms, two bathrooms and one laundry room) but all we accomplished was cleaning the kids' rooms and simply vacuuming the rest. It's certainly not as much as I hoped to get done, but it is a start.  

One of the great tips I got when I was reading over Martha's list of spring cleaning basics is to clean the curtains, and that did happen for the kids' room.  So while we only tackled a few rooms, we got them completely done. 

Well, mostly almost completely done. Don't look at the baseboards.

Instead, look at this ice cream and cake! It's part of this new thing I've invented!

Happy Monday, everyone!

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