Monday, January 9, 2012

Martha Monday--Chicken and kale casserole

BFF Laura came over for her birthday on Friday, and we cooked up Martha's delicious chicken and kale casserole.  I was skeptical at first, but when I combined the need to work more super-foods into my diet (like kale), the fact that BFF Laura has an adventurous palate, and that I'm committing myself to trying new dinner recipes, I had to make it happen.

Then, as garlic, butter, onions and kale were cooking away, the smell won me over and I knew this would be yummalicious.   And it was!  So good in fact, that I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but here's roughly what it looked like:

You need to try this recipe, and soon. And keep these words of wisdom in mind as you do:
1. Use more kale than you think you'll need. Kale shrinks in the cooking process, and what I thought was a lot turned out to be not quite enough.
2. Do not over bake this!  Thirty minutes is just fine. You might even cover the top with foil for the first 20-25 minutes to retain moisture.
3. I used only 32 ounces of ricotta, and I thought that amount was fine.

This casserole is bound to become one of my new winter comfort foods.  Give it a try! 

And a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my BFF Laura!!!


Anonymous said...

oops- I forgot to keep taking pictures! L

Amanda Grant said...

Story of my life!