Monday, January 2, 2012

Manda Monday: I hereby resolve...

Happy 2012!

I'm back with my New Year's resolutions.  Last year, I resolved to make all bread and cakes from scratch. I can proudly report that for the most part, I did just that. 99% of all cakes were made from scratch, and the cakes that started with a box mix were doctored up with so many extra ingredients that they might as well have been from scratch.  As for the bread, I'd say about 70% of it was homemade.  My bread machine isn't the best, but I am trying to make it work.  From this experience, I know I will never (unless it is a Sock It To Me cake) go back to box cake mixes, and I'll continue to make bread from scratch as often as I can.

And while it wasn't a resolution for 2011, I did become a gardener, so I feel really good about that. 

For 2012, I have a few resolutions:

1. Try a new dinner recipe twice a month.  My dinner menu repertoire has gotten extremely boring. There are only 30 or so meals I make, and most of those are dependent on the weather: crock pot meals in the winter, grilled meals in the summer.  Right now, each dinner suggestion makes me say "But we just had that!"  Not cool.  Over the next few days, I'll be pouring over my 50+ cookbooks and marking recipes to try. And I'll be sure to share the winners with you.

2.  Make more crafts!  I have a ton of craft supplies and projects I want to tackle (scrapbooks, card-making, photo albums, etc.) but I have been very short on time.  This year, I'd like to carve two hours out of my weekly schedule to do something crafty.  It doesn't have to be a masterpiece, but it does need to get my creative juices flowing.  All I've crafted recently are my Christmas card books, and I really want (and need!) to do more.

3. Become more frugal.  While I am big on clipping coupons, frugal entertainments options and more, I need to educate myself on making wise investments and saving for retirement.  Also, I have two small children who are geniuses and bound for MIT, and I need to start saving now for their college education. And space camp.  And music lessons.  And archery class.  These things add up, and I want to be prepared financially. Though emotionally, I don't want my babies to grow up and leave me, ever.  Sniffle. 

What are your resolutions?  And just to be clear, I think it's totally fine to say "I resolve to brush my teeth every day" even if you are already doing that and you just need a resolution that easily accomplished to boost your self-esteem.  Totally acceptable.  Because you know what?  "Brushing my teeth every day" is my hidden resolution #4.  Just so you know.


PurpleGiant said...

Great post! I have never liked using the word "resolutions" to describe my new years ambitions. This year I did just that and started working on things last October in an attempt to hit 2012 running. So far, so good. Like you, I enjoy creating things. I am soon to be starting a woodworking class. Hopefully, by the end of 2012, I will have created more than a few pieces. I also am working on a new blog that is very personal to me. I would like to have it up and running by the end of this month. Other than that, I just want to stay out of my own way. Let flow what is suppose to flow and leave my filters out of the process. See what comes out.

Amanda Grant said...

Thanks, KT! Creating things, and being creative, is essential. Woodworking sounds like a great way to do that! I can't wait to see the new blog. I'm sure it will be awesome, as everything you do is. :)

Anonymous said...

I love both your last 2 posts! I'm resolving to eat more vegetables. And get a new job, or make the one I have tolerable. L

Amanda Grant said...

Great resolution! I should eat more veggies, too. In fact, we all should. Bonus points if you grow them yourself! ;)