Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Painting the master bathroom

Over Labor Day, the Big Guy and I got a HUGE task crossed off the household to-do list: we painted the master bathroom. I've wanted to do this ever since we moved in.  It was painted an ugly brown-green-baby poop color (including the ceiling) and it made the room incredibly dark. More importantly, it was making me a bit nauseous.  It had to go!




Isn't that a huge improvement?  The main bathroom is Softer Tan and the water closet is Shagreen. Both colors are from Sherwin Williams.  Softer Tan was not my first choice for this room, but I had to stick with a neutral color to coordinate with all the tile work and counter tops.   I hope to have artwork up by the end of the week, which will bring in some brighter colors.

Phew! One room down, and only four more to go by October 8.  

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